How the Virtual Reality Trend is Taking Over Gaming

If you’re interested in any sort of technology, you’ve likely heard lots of information lately about the VR, or virtual reality trend. Virtual reality takes gaming, as well as movies, TV shows, and even online shopping to the next level by immersing consumers in a carefully crafted 3-dimensional world. Many brands have been releasing VR products for their existing consoles – here are some of the most exciting.


Oculus RiftThis has been one of the most prominent virtual reality headsets in the gaming world since its release in March 2016. The project had been in development for several years and was initially funded by Kickstarter, and Facebook actually purchased oculus-riftOculus Rift in 2014. It works with many different computer systems to create a virtual reality experience. Since its release, tons of Oculus Rift computer games have been released, most of which are extremely immersive story-based games with stunning graphics.

Samsung GearThis new VR headset from Samsung takes your smartphone to the next level. When you use a compatible Samsung phone, you can insert it into the headset and become a part of your favorite smartphone games. Many app developers are now creating programs that are specifically designed to work with this headset. The Gear VR has been improved from its previous models to be very comfortable and to reduce glare, so you can wear it for long periods of time.

google-cardboardGoogle Cardboard Not to be outdone by any other technology companies, Google released their Google Cardboard concept in 2015. Essentially, it’s just a cardboard headset that you insert your smartphone into, and then developers can design apps specifically made for virtual reality. Google wanted to show that virtual reality doesn’t have to be expensive, and they are upping the game with a new virtual reality device called Daydream. This system will be designed to work with many Android phones and will partner with many high-profile entertainment companies like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO to create content.

HTC ViveThis headset was developed in partnership with the creators of Steam, the hugely popular online gaming platform. It works with computers to provide a highly realistic virtual reality experience. With tons of sensors, it picks up even the smallest movements and keeps motion sickness to a minimum. Although it is one of the most expensive headsets out there, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with the great quality and the high number of games available.

sony-playstation-vrSony PlayStation VRAlthough this headset hasn’t technically been released yet, it’s already one of the most popular pieces of VR technology on the market. Many developers are already putting together games that are on pre-order, and it promises to be a huge tech product this holiday season.

These are just a few of the many virtual reality products that have been released over the past few years. With virtual reality technology, video games become more than just a way to pass the time – they are a completely immersive experience that will take you to another world.