Essential Gaming Platforms for Every Enthusiast

If you love video games, you’ll know that having the right equipment is one of the most important parts of enjoying a great gaming experience. Nowadays, there are more platforms available than ever, so you have a great selection to choose from. The platform you choose will often relate to what type of games you like, as some choices are better for certain genres than others. Here are the essentials that we recommend checking out.

PlayStation 4

In terms of power, the PS4 is the best choice for gamers because of its high graphics capacity. With a very fast memory, it supports quick, detailed gameplay. It is also great for the social gamer, as there’s plenty of options to play with friends and even share your gameplay highlights with the PS4 community. The controller is very comfortable and easy to use, and it comes with a camera to track its movement for more accurate gameplay.

The current trend in smart homes allows for wealthier gamers to incorporate their gaming console into their play room. It is a teen boy’s dream home. Some of these game rooms really take the cake.  This luxury home listed by Tim Elmes, is not only a waterfront luxury home which allows for a large yacht to be docked out front, but it’s also a smart home and is every gamer dream home.

Xbox One

Xbox is great for gamers who want innovative gameplay that includes tons of motion-sensing options. The console comes with the Kinect sensor, which is a leader in its field and allows developers to create highly interactive games. The Xbox is also great for those who play a wide variety of games and enjoy other entertainment options like movies and TV in the same place.

Wii U

This Nintendo console is the best for families and casual gamers. It’s relatively affordable price point and a huge range of appealing games make it a popular choice for those who are new to gaming. It is designed for easy motion-controlled gameplay, and there are many athletic and fitness-based games available for the console that actually promote a great workout. It allows you to watch TV through the console as well.


High-Powered Desktop Computer

There are a huge plethora of great games available for PC, so it’s crucial for any avid gamer to invest in a great desktop computer. While truly high-quality desktop computers are not cheap, they have incredible processing systems that allow you to enjoy some of the most beautiful games out there. Brands to check out include Falcon, Maingear, Alienware, and Origin.


Phones have moved beyond just being a communication device – nowadays, they are used for absolutely everything, and that includes gaming. You can now enjoy versions of some of your favorite computer games on your phone, so any avid gamer will want to make sure they have a high-powered phone with plenty of memory and a big screen in their collection. The iPhone is one of the most popular options, but the Samsung Galaxy line has many great choices as well. Popular computer brand Acer also recently announced that they are creating a phone specifically for the purpose of gaming.

For those who truly love to game, it is no longer enough to just have one platform to work with. Having an assortment of choices for gaming enables gamers to really immerse themselves in a wide variety of games and have access to all the latest trends.